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Who will be our 300th follower?

Btw everyone involved with the street team,

We’ve accomplished so much in the past couple months and I can’t believe how far Curt has come. SO PROUD OF EVERYONE! <3

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Introducing &#8220;Dear Curt!&#8221; 

Submit a letter to us and we&#8217;ll publish them and link them all with the street team for Curt to see how much we love him :)

Introducing “Dear Curt!” 

Submit a letter to us and we’ll publish them and link them all with the street team for Curt to see how much we love him :)

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Photocollage Project Update

For anyone that isn’t apart of our Facebook group and involved in this project, this update is for you!

All the letters have been taken for the Photocollage, but if you have any pictures from meeting Curt, email them to curtmegastreetteam@hotmail.com to be included with the picture! The deadline for fan pictures is August 31st.

Here are the assigned letters, and everyone who has sent in fanart/fan pictures so far! (copied from the Photocollage document on our FB group)


Y - Laura Nicholson

O - Rhonda Hall

U - Kayleigh Sandercock

I - Claire Fernando Dring

N - Briana Chapman

S - Sellam Birhane

P - Laura Rosetta Schmidt

I - Evelien Holleman

R - Rachel Dempster

E - Claudia Apel

U - Chelsea Wakefield

S - Rachel Getz

T - Alice McConnell

O - Taylor Rian June Dorn

D - Nicole Manning

R - Rebekah Anne Wright

E - Marilyn Minton

A - Stephanie Buechele

M - Caitlyn Buttigieg

B - Tori Reed Fairbank

I - Rosemary Florido

G - Ariadne Fernandes

, - Sarah Coulson

Y -Nirmali Shah

O - Nadine Krause

U  - Louisa Vikner

R - Camila Vallejos

M - Frankie Ciannavei

E - Alexandra Adams

G - Rachael Klaiss

A - Ashlie Ankenbruch

M - Evelien Holleman

A - Tarra Matthews

F - Crystal Judy

I - Flo Carr

A - Jessica Wong

Fan Art:

Heather Robertson

Rebekah Anne Wright

Nicole Manning

Picture with Curt:

Stephanie Louise Cullen

Elizabeth Veronica Smith

Claire Merril

Nicole Manning

Tarra Matthews

Crystal Judy

Rebecca Nova

Ali Adamson

Last but not least, the most important thing: THE DEADLINE

I wanted to make it a month, but since in a month from now I will be on vacation I’d like to prolong it until I get back, so deadline is: August 31st

Until then I want you all to have send your pictures/art to curtmegastreetteam@hotmail.com

Please direct all questions to that email account or ask Alex on the Facebook group. This project is run by the Curt Mega Street Team admins, it’s fan-run.

I can’t wait to see the finished product at the end of the month, and I hope all of you try to get involved!

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If you want us to reblog any of your Curt related posts, tag them as curtmegastreetteam!
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Kimberly Whalen joins the cast of Worldline: The story of Talon Evans as Grace Adams
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Official website of Worldwide: The Story of Talon Evans, go check it out!
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Go check out this film project Curt is co-writing!
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I’m currently editing some of our tags, so please bear with me! Also, send us your OC Fair pictures and stories! 

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Did any of you guys meet Curt and the Warblers at the OC Fair?

If you did, send us your pictures/stories and we’ll post them!

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Voting has closed for the Photo Collage Project Quote!

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, click here!

You guys voted and here is the winning quote for the Photo Collage project!

Okay my dears, I guess the result is pretty obvious: ‘You inspire us to dream big, your Mega Mafia’ wins with 39 votes. Since it’s a pretty long phrase I hope we get some more people to participate, for the people who already told me that they want a letter: I will make another Doc with a list of who gets what…and then you can start getting creative. Fan Art and Pictures can already be sent to the e-mail Address. I hope some of you got their pictures at the fair this weekend ; )

If you want to participate in this project I suggest you check out that link up there, and join our FB group to get involved! :) We need all of you Curt fans to participate! 

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